Reviews of Guitar Teacher’s Downloadable Resource Packs


Guitar Teacher's Student Handouts
Just a few of the teachwombat downloadable resources

This blog is a spin off from guitar and bass teacher’s resources website Above are just a few of the (more than 100) handouts that you can download now for less than you will be paid for a single lesson (thats the plug out of the way)

If you teach guitar or bass (or are thinking of taking the plunge) you might like to take a look?

INDEPENDANT REVIEWS of The teachwombat materials

Here are some links (more to come) of many independant reviews of the materials that have appeared out there as part of what I’m told is called “The Blogsphere”


300 Guitars blog

pentatonic minor blogspot

From The Woodshed blog

Guitar Lifestyle blog

Guitar Noize blog

GuitarBlogStar blog

Below are some videos showing how you might use our backing tracks with customers ranging from complete beginners (far and away the largest group of students?) through to more advanced players. It should be stressed that the material is not meant to be covered in a single lesson. just changing between the chords and playing them once (with a downstroke) is enough for the total novice.

The same principle can be applied to power chords and bar chords.


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