20 seconds into this video they throw a cat at the guitar!

“Hey! lets make a video for our thingy that we make to hang guitars up with?

What could we do to demonstrate the effects of gravity on carelessly placed instruments?

Let’s share this funny cigarette and see what we can come up with………………….? Ah yes I know! What if we…………..

Actually it looks like quite a neat product if you don’t want your guitars to be visible  (personally I want the buggers where I can see them – they cost enough, but I’ve also lived in areas where people will steal the empty tins from your bin so I suppose I can appreciate why  you might not want them on display?).

Anyway back to the video  ………… at about twenty seconds into it  someone sucessfully knocks a guitar flying with a (what I will be the first to concede is a very accurately flung but nonetheless bemused looking) cat!  I suppose that in reality there are way worse things going on (probably within yards of where you live so lets not over-react here?) but the “strangeness” of it made me laugh (despite myself) .

No guitars were hurt during the making of this video.

I wonder if it was a trained professional stunt cat? The word on the industry grapevine is that in the “Directors Cut” of this advert they throw the little girl as well?


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