My Guitar Teacher’s Website and Lady Gaga?

I bet it was a bit tricky trying to get a taxi driver to take her home?

We live in an age of relentless self promotion. there seems to be no limits to what people will do rather than get a proper job? Lady Gaga has just drawn attention to her latest pop warblings by being all over the telly in a frock made out of raw meat (bet you Ted Nugent is kicking himself?).  Set in this context sticking what I admit is little more than an advert for my  guitar teacher’s resources website on my own blog seems to be the very model of restraint?

The video looks at how teachers can use a single backing track right through the ability range from total novice to advanced “pickers” (I hate that word!)

If this does not get me enough attention I intend to re-make the video wearing a waistcoat  made from peeled (but not dead) mice.

I must go now as my medication is either kicking in or wearing off?


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