Download Giant Chord Grids for Guitar Teachers (and students)

A bit stuck for time as if I don’t assemble the flatpack furniture that has begun to grow cobwebs I’ll be “severely dealt with”

Giant Guitar Chord Grids and a Normal Sized Guitar Neck (you get the idea?)

Giant Chord Grids. Guitar teacher’s can laminate them and use them in lessons. Guitar students can stick them on their bedroom walls and use them for practice without getting off the bed?

I’ll be adding more text to this post when I’ve made enough of an attempt at my chores to (hopefully) avoid discipline (it’s just not my thing!) but in the meantime if you’d like to mosey on over to my other site (the one that tries to flog you stuff but which has loads of freebies on it?) there are a whole heap of free ones to download and print now.


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