Guitar Teachers Should Know How It FeelsTo Not Be Able To Play Guitar?

guitar flipped the "other way"

back to square one?

To ensure a sense of empathy with your pupils it is important for anyone who teaches to be able to see the situation from the point of view of the student and unless you’re some kind of ambidextrous circus freak this simple excercise will position you firmly back at square one?

In order to feel like a complete beginner again all you need to do is to flip the guitar over! If you normally strum with the right hand and fret with the left just spend a little time trying to form chords with the right hand while striking the strings with the plectrum in your left. Instant incompetence without the aid of alcohol!

It can also be an effective strategy during a lesson to help an intermediate player who may be a little frustrated with their progress to date realise how far they have travelled from the time that they first started to play by just turning the guitar over?

Not vey high tech I know but it works for me?


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